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Brand Larceny

The Project

Brand Larceny was created by two industry professionals and business colleagues, Terri Goldstein and Joe Gioconda—one creative brander, one intellectual property lawyer who, for decades, have been battling brand infringement from two different angles. Their proprietary approach to intellectual property and brand protection has benefitted companies the world over. Now, they’re looking to share their unique insights with consumers and professionals. To announce their upcoming book, Brand Larceny: The Trillion Dollar Heist, they launched this website to give voice to consumers, protect lawful companies and advocate for brand owners.

Terri Goldstein The Goldstein Group

Joe Gioconda Gioconda Law Group PLLC

For any media inquiries, publishing interest or speaking requests please contact Terri Goldstein.

The Heist

Every year, trillions of dollars worth of fake goods are bought and sold—they may be in your medicine cabinet, or your closet, even your digital library, they may even be there without your knowledge. No brand, company or consumer is safe from the pervasive damage of counterfeit goods.

This website is dedicated to the victims of brand counterfeiting whether you’re a jilted consumer or a weary brand owner. In this ongoing war, knowledge is a weapon. Read some first-hand accounts below then share your story, and be sure to include all the juicy details.

Your stories will be featured here!

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